In-text ads – the way to advertise less obvious

In-text ads – the way to advertise less obvious

Have you ever wondered to put an advert in your text or website, but not to overwhelm your recipient at the same time? There is a good neutral way to make it, called in-text ads.

How it works?

Contextual advertising allows you to make some real money on any website. It is particularly beneficial to use this form of advertising on the web pages with a large amount of content, but lack of space for banners, videos and so on.

The specific algorithm analyzes what kind of content is in the most demand among visitors of your website and highlights keywords in different color, underlining one or two lines related to products or services of your advertisers. Based on the results, the system picks up and publishes ads, which are relevant for this specific target audience and for the content of the site.

Contextual advertising is non-intrusive as it provides conscious interaction of visitors with the advertisement. By moving the mouse cursor and clicking on a highlighted word, the user can decide to see the advert or not, and therefore, with he perceives the content of the advertising text, video, or 3D-demonstration with a great interest.

Advantages of In-text Advertising

High ROI (Return on Investment).

The high-tech correspondence. The target audience will see only the ads, which correspond to the content on the page they are viewing, and fully coincides with the interests of users.

Additional earnings – your partners will be able to make a good profit on the site. And therefore, you as well.

Text allows you to encounter the audience, which can not be accurately spotted by the system setup of the contextual ads or social networks search engines.

The price per unit is comparable to the price of the underlying market exposure of operators (social networks, contextual ads). At that it ensures the high quality of the audience due to absence of artificial traffic increase technology. You do not pay for ad impressions to unnecessary users.

The speed and ease of placement. These are great opportunities for text advertising. It allows you to place ads quickly, so the bulk of the budget goes on the increase of the number of contacts from the audience, rather than on the development of design banners.

The minimum amount of advertising on a site makes ads not lost on the background of aggressive banners.

Disadvantages of In-text Advertising

Hyperlinks navigation is one of the most important and most essential features of the Internet. You probably need some time to think about whether to place such ads on your website or not, because it can spoil the navigation of your site.

How can the use of in-text advertising harm you? Contextual advertising in the text corrupts not only the navigation of the site, but at the same time you can also lose regular readers of your site. With this type of advertisement the visitor can go to a site that does not contain the necessary information for him and later cease to trust the links on your site and the reliability of the information. As a result, he will cease to be a constant reader of yours. At the same time the visitor can go to the website of your direct competitor and become its regular reader.

Despite of few downsides, in-text advertising is one of the major format and source of money making in Internet. No doubt, this kind of advert rule the blogosphere, which now is one of the valuable and monetize place in Internet.


Photo credit: @sage_solar via / CC BY