What is the First Price Auction model? We answered this question a few months ago in this post on our blog. It was shortly after Google announced the introduction of this ad sales model. Now we would like to compare the two most popular auction models and discuss the differences between them.   What is Second Price Auction? Let’s start with an example. We have 3 bidders, each of them proposes the following amounts that they are willing to pay for an ad impression:   The bidder – $3.00 Bidder – $3.60 Bidder – $3.30 Who of them wins? The winner will be the highest bidder 2 ($3.60), but the fee to be paid will be the second highest bid in the auction ($3.30) plus $0.01. In this example the winning bidder will pay exactly $3.31.   Curiosity It is worth mentioning that the model currently called Second Price Auction,…

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The most important week in the annual tech calendar, GITEX is a must-attend, world-class event located in Dubai. This is where the world’s technology leaders, enterprises and startups come together to show you the future of every business and every industry, as it happens. We encourage you to watch our video from GITEX 2019.

Some experts say that the term of banner blidness is outdated. However internet users more and more often leave out informations that they perceive only as advertising. Although advertisement benchmarks have changed, banner blidness is still common. How to fight it effectively? Click „skip” We are living in the time where online advertisements are more popular than ever. We have the biggest internes user and advertisement percentage than ever. Over time, the recepients become tired because of a lot of online advertisements and have started to ignore them. Probably not many Internet users can admit that they never omitted advertising or installed adblock. It does not means that everybody who will 677u and is not interested in. Quite the opposite – in the case of an attempt to reach the target group, it is enough to remember a few important principles that increase the chances that we will not be…

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Artificial intelligence is a subject of articles written by the marketing industry. It is being talked about more and more often in the context of the market revolution. What is really meant by this concept? How will AI affect programmatic? What does AI give us? Artificial intelligence is a general term used to describe the ability of machines to perform specific tasks. AI collects all data, including those that are not structured and draws useful conclusions from them quickly. This allows marketers to make the right decisions faster.  Artificial intelligence can also define which resources we should use for communication and which channel we should choose. Thanks to this, we are able to receive personalized ads not only on the basis of interests but also based on the mood or context of the shopping environment. How we use it today? Market uses AI in the media buying proces. AI makes…

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The Summit is one of the most influential mobile apps/games/adtech events in EMEA and the biggest and most international mobile event of Israel! We encourage you to watch our video from Mobile Summit 2019.

In last weeks, Google announced that by the end of the year will introduce the first price auction model. Why did they decided to do this right now? What the first price auction is? Before the first price model has launched we have only the second price auction model. It consisted in the fact that the winner has to bought placement for one cent more than the second highest offer. Today we use mainly the first price auctions in which the winners pay as much as he actually offered – the highest price. Thus, the second price offer does not affect the final amount in any way. First price auction in Google Most DSP and SSP vendors switched to first price auctions much earlier than Google. Industry experts have wondered when this moment will come. This was extremely important due to the fact that the Google advertising ecosystem has globally…

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Last year RODO has starded a revolution in the Internet advertising market. This also applies to the programmatic model which is still waiting for a lot of changes. What else will influence its shape? The introduction of UE directive has made a lot of confusion. Despite this advertisers still want to ivnest in programmatic. According to Zenith, marketers want to spent 65% of budget from digital marketing on programmatic. So expenditure of programmatic advertising will increase from 70 mld USD in 2018 to 84 mld USD in 2019. Nevertheless it is not a secret that programmatic will be change a lot. Here you can find five more important issues that will shape this model in the near future: RODO will stop affect the decisions and actions. Last year, after the entry into force of this regulation, advertisers reduced programmatic use by 20-50%. Despite of the time market is still afraid…

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Web Summit brings together the people and companies redefining the global tech industry. We encourage you to watch our video from WEb Summit 2018.

Futurecom is a complete event joining the hyper-connectivity brought by the new communication technologies in the exhibiting area with an international congress promoting important debates about relevant themes associated to technology, industrial policies, regulatory issues and market demands. With the purpose of increasing the engagement between telcos, corporations and stakeholders, Futurecom is repositioned, adding to its portfolio more than 6 events, being consolidated as an important strategic content and business generation platform. We encourage you to watch our video from Futurecom.  

TechCrunch Disrupt is three days of non-stop programming with two big focuses: founders and investors shaping the future of disruptive technology and ideas and startup experts providing insights to entrepreneurs. We encourage you to watch our video from TechCrunch Disrupt 2018 San Francisco.