What you should know about the most popular ad sizes?

What you should know about the most popular ad sizes?

Advertising became an integrate part of our lives, especially in Internet. Almost every company invest in online marketing, but not all of them know how to do it. If you want to be seen on website, you have to choose most effective ads formats. Below is a short guide on format of Internet ads.

Achieve your goals

Most of the businesses nowadays are moving their operations online. Especially if that concerns their sales and growth. Advertising is one of the most useful things that helps to reach that.

Display advertising is one of the most effective and probably the most well-known Internet Marketing Tool that allows you to achieve goals, such as increasing the brand’s popularity, web site traffic growth, which includes the level of sales and, ultimately, the profits of a company.
A lion’s share of marketing budgets of many businesses go on display advertising. If you have your website and want to serve ads there, you would probably want to know which of the banners are the most effective and therefore, popular among advertisers.

Before starting designing a banner, it is necessary to evaluate the resource where you want to promote and to choose the most attractive placement. Typically, large format banners occupy a large area, and therefore attract the user’s attention. Based on this, it is important to make banner relevant size.

The most popular formats

The most popular formats today are banners: 300×250, 728×90, 160×600, 468×60, 88×31. How they look on the page you can find below:
1 a


2 a

The format 240×400 is also one of the popular sizes.


Also, such banners sizes as 120×600, 250×250 are used very often.




It is common to see banners 336×280. An interesting fact is that the “fashion” for using this format has came from AdWords advertising network.


It is vitally important for Publishers to choose the right ad formats, which they are going to feature at their websites. The reason for that is that if they choose a format which is not very popular among Advertisers, they might lose some part of the demand.

Top 3

The majority of ad impressions fall within the next ad formats: Medium Rectangle 300×250, Leaderboard 728×90 and Wide Skyscraper 160×600.

The reason why we are focusing on these three ad formats is that they create more than 70% of all ad impressions. Therefore, before you go for all other ad sizes, it would probably be better to master these three first.

1. Medium Rectangle 300x 250
This format is quite popular among Advertisers. It usually brings higher earnings when both text and image ads are allowed. It is better to place these ad units at the end of the article or to incorporate them into the text.

2. Leaderboard 728×90
This format is quite popular among Advertisers as well. In the same way as Medium Rectangles, they cover one third of ad impressions each. If you enable both text and image ads, you can substantially increase your income. This type of ads are not served on mobile devices.
The best place to put these ad units at is above the main site content, as well as in the forums.

3. Wide Skyscraper 160×600
It is recommended to place Wide Skyscrapers on the side panels of the web pages. Both text and image ads are available within this format, however, it is not available in mobile versions.
There are also certain requirements imposed for banners. File size should not be too large in order not to slow down the page loading time for the end user. Optimal banner file size is 3-5 kilobytes for the GIF banners and 50-100 KB for flash banners. Many sites neglect the user convenience and place several flash-banners on the same page, which slows down system performance.


Photo credit: Charleston’s TheDigitel via Foter.com /CC BY