AdSense facts and tips every Publisher should know

AdSense facts and tips every Publisher should know

Making money online from displaying ads on your blog/website is not something unusual these days. In the age of digital it is rather rare not to be present online and to endeavour the monetary side of it. For that reason, we decided to write several most useful tips for Publishers using AdSense.

While there are so many options of the different ad networks, the first thing every Publisher have probably heard and used is Google AdSense. Considering the fact that AdSense is one of the top advertisement programs, it is an adequate reaction.

The experience shows that even though digital advertisement offers quite coveted prize, it is not that easy to prevent all the pitfalls and start earning effectively from the AdSense. Therefore, we decided to write several most useful tips for Publishers using AdSense.

Online advertisement takes a lot of time and energy. However, it is always possible to reduce efforts and increase the returns. If you want your business to grow, the next 6 facts will help you with that.

1. The access to the largest global advertisers pool

Google AdSense is controlled and managed by Google, which means that if you are a Publisher in Google AdSense it gives you an access to Google Network. It includes a great collection of the different websites, such as YouTube, Gmail, Blogger, Google Finance and other partner sites.

This allows you to extend your reach, remain relevant both in terms of suitable placements and showing ads to the right auditory.

2. Custom channels and optimisation

If you want to make sure that your ads are doing well and they will make you money, it is necessary to use custom channels and optimise your ad units’ design and placement. Custom channels allows you to track the clicks and ad impressions. Moreover, it is possible to test the performance of your ads and match the best combinations of placement, size, colour etc. That’s where optimisation part comes in. You need to check the best performing colour, position, ad size and which combinations of it works the best and adjust ads accordingly.

3. Targeting is essential

Targeting helps advertisers to reach the right audiences, which means more revenue for you. One of the useful types of targeting for you is contextual targeting. With the help of such targeting AdSense will display ads relative to the content of your page. Also it is possible to choose targeting based on demographics, geographic location, URL, as well as users’ interests and previous interactions with that advertiser.

The benefits of targeting lies not only in better user experience and higher revenue, but also it helps to protect the value of your site. It is important to have control over the type of ads appearing on your website’s pages.

4. Google Custom Search Platform

If you want to provide better service and good experience for users on your website’s pages, maybe you should consider integrating AdSense for search with Google Custom Search Platform. Such integration will help you to have bigger control over search results, starting from your individual page and finishing with the entire web space

5. Follow Google rules

Your site’s ranking is important for your traffic, which is one of the main components for getting revenue. Therefore, there are several recommendations, which shouldn’t be ignored:

  • Key words are good, but do not overuse them. Key phases work better.
  • CTR is higher if your website and ads are in harmony with each other (think about matching your text and colours of the ads).
  • Borderless ads work well, as does highlighting the link and URL. Again, your ads should blend with the website
  • Keep your ads at the top part of the page that can be seen without scrolling
  • Good content is still a king
  • No ads above the title. They are mostly ignored.
  • Implement your ad units near your content
  • The best performing ad sizes are the wider ones – such as the 160×600 wide skyscraper, the 300×250 medium rectangle, or the 728×90 leaderboard.

6. Monitoring

The success of your performance should be measured. It is not enough just to take a look at the revenue and think that you are doing well. During the whole process everything should be monitored and analysed. This will enable you to understand why are you getting this amount of money and not the other. What should be done for increasing the revenue and other things like that. You should also pay attention at you fill rate. Sometimes there can be a situation when your site serves blank spaces and not an ad. Therefore, in such situations you lose your money. Pay attention.

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