The top 6 online advertisement trends in 2016

The top 6 online advertisement trends in 2016

Over the last decade the share of Internet advertising industry have grown dramatically and many of the current researches suggest that this is an ongoing trend. We prepared the list of 6 main forecasts that will be dominated in 2016. If you are an active on-line ad market player, you will definitely have to check it out.

Market in a nutshell

According to the Pwc research, starting from 2016 Internet advertising will begin to overtake the total revenue from TV ads. The TV advertising will slow down its growth, while online advertising will substantially increase its share on the advertising market, becoming the leader of total advertising industry.

While many of you might know that online advertising is increasing and it seems to become an integral part of every business, it is always beneficial to be prepared to any kind of changes. In order to understand better the nature of such trends and how to plan your online presence, we have prepared this major trends overview.

  • General Growth

As it was already mentioned above, the global online advertisement industry will continue observing growth. According to ZenithOptimedia: “The internet was already the dominant medium in seven markets last year – Australia, Canada, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the UK – and by 2017 will dominate another five – China, Finland, Germany, Ireland and New Zealand”. It is expected that more marketers will employ the full potential of online advertising.

  • Mobile predomination

Due to the fact that modern lifestyle requires being very flexible and fast, people nowadays mostly use their mobile devices, which allows them to achieve those requirements anywhere and anytime. Therefore, it can’t be denied that the opportunity for publishers behind mobile advertisement is massive. The predictions depict that by the 2017 the share of global mobile adspend will increase two-fold. It will be a required marketing channel for those who expects to drive growth for their businesses.

  • Native ads growing its value

While Mobile advertising happens to take the biggest share in online advertising, native ads are becoming more and more popular among different publishers as their performance getting better than non-native ads. The predictions for the next year explicate the idea that Native ads are no longer used only by large corporations but also the smaller brands start adopting such practices. Moreover, we will observe the transformation towards native-only platforms or at least Native ads as a major part of everyone’s marketing strategies.

  • Quality over quantity

Quantity is no longer acceptable. After Google started to check and rank websites by their quality content, it became inevitable that publishers have accepted the importance of producing more of such content. Over and above this year will turn up into a story telling machine engaging more users and proving better online experience.

  • Increased header bidding adoption

Here is where the things become tricky. While concept of header bidding  is widely known among most of the publishers, the implementation of such strategy still needs some clarification for many of them. With an increased migration to programmatic solutions header bidding gains the great attention, especially from the buy-side. The benefit for publishers is contained in having more control and generating more revenue from their ad inventory. Currently the benefits of header bidding are mostly used by major ad networks, even though it is available to everyone. It is important to start implementing header bidding solutions  by everyone, who doesn’t want to be left behind in terms of ad optimisation. As such solution is rapidly growing, the end of 2016 will be registered with a great growth, increasing the number of header bid networks at least five-fold.

  • Video as a fastest growing ad format

Those who have been using videos should have experienced the pros of this ad format. The current trends are showing that it’s not only going to continue expanding but also the main driver for increased video consumption will belong to mobile videos. It has been proven that users are more receptive exactly towards such kind of ad format. That’s why if you want to be in the limelight of the latest trends, it would be smart to consider adopting mobile video practices.

Overall, 2016  is promising to be more creative, innovative and mobile. Once the quality content and content marketing in general will be completely established in the practices of most of the market players, ethics and openness will get into the game. In other words, the following year will be characterised by the continuous overall growth of the industry followed by shifting towards the mobile quality content marketing, native ads and videos, optimised by header bidding solutions.

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