Polish display advertising ecosystem 2016 in a nutshell

Polish display advertising ecosystem 2016 in a nutshell

There is no better way to see the trends of display advertising ecosystem than put it into clear market map. In each country this advertising landscape looks a little bit different. Together with YieldRiser’s team, we have produced market map of Polish online display advertising sector.


Why the map is so important?

Ecosystem maps are a great way to frame a discussion around how an industry is structured and where it is going. Improve Digital has done a great job mapping the European landscape.” – Terence Kawaja, form LUMA Partners said.


We totally agree that every European market has their own character and specifics. Just take a look at the German online advertising market – it gathers a huge number of sales houses, which are taking care of the programmatic and dedicated sales. On the other hand, UK – the most developed European market – makes huge percentage of sales thanks to programmatic.


What is characteristic for Polish online advertising market? Please download the actual market map created by experts from Adexon (Polish adexchange). We prapered also few facts and conclusions about it.





1st Fact – Online media consolidation is in progress

It’s one of the most visible trend. When you take a look on the middle and bigger publishers. They were bought by large media groups (Ringer Axel Springer, Edipresse, Burdamedia, etc.) and portals (Wirtual Poland, WP.PL). Classic horizontal adnetworks are decreasing and deasapiring.


2nd Fact – New ways of buying  and selling

The true is that RTB and programmatic have changed everything. The advertising agencies are buying less ad packages on dedicated topical services than before. For sure the reason of this situation is DSP platforms which gave them opportunities to create it independently. What is more they can also add here their own customer data or 3rd party from DMP. There is no way to stop this trend.


3rd Fact – More smartphones and Facebook outgoings

Google platforms have a strong positions on every European markets. The similar situation refers to the Facebook and it’s connected with very dynamic mobile users increasing.


4th Fact – Automated guarantee and header bidding

The outgoings on programmatic is rising. That is why automated guarantee and header bidding will be the most visible and hot trend for 2016 and 2017. Automated Guarantee allow Publisher to offer their premium inventory with a good rate (similar to price in direct sales). It needs communication between publisher and agency. 

Header bidding is brand new trend. Generally it lets Publisher to avoid waterfall strategy and put all SSPs and adnetworks on the same level, compare their offers for each impression and choose the best one. Inside the “header auction” can be also direct sales campaign.


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