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What is the First Price Auction model? We answered this question a few months ago in this post on our blog. It was shortly after Google announced the introduction of this ad sales model. Now we would like to compare the two most popular auction models and discuss the differences between them.   What is Second Price Auction? Let’s start with an example. We have 3 bidders, each of them proposes the following amounts that they are willing to pay for an ad impression:   The bidder – $3.00 Bidder – $3.60 Bidder – $3.30 Who of them wins? The winner will be the highest bidder 2 ($3.60), but the fee to be paid will be the second highest bid in the auction ($3.30) plus $0.01. In this example the winning bidder will pay exactly $3.31.   Curiosity It is worth mentioning that the model currently called Second Price Auction,…

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The most important week in the annual tech calendar, GITEX is a must-attend, world-class event located in Dubai. This is where the world’s technology leaders, enterprises and startups come together to show you the future of every business and every industry, as it happens. We encourage you to watch our video from GITEX 2019.

The Summit is one of the most influential mobile apps/games/adtech events in EMEA and the biggest and most international mobile event of Israel! We encourage you to watch our video from Mobile Summit 2019.

Web Summit brings together the people and companies redefining the global tech industry. We encourage you to watch our video from WEb Summit 2018.

Futurecom is a complete event joining the hyper-connectivity brought by the new communication technologies in the exhibiting area with an international congress promoting important debates about relevant themes associated to technology, industrial policies, regulatory issues and market demands. With the purpose of increasing the engagement between telcos, corporations and stakeholders, Futurecom is repositioned, adding to its portfolio more than 6 events, being consolidated as an important strategic content and business generation platform. We encourage you to watch our video from Futurecom.  

TechCrunch Disrupt is three days of non-stop programming with two big focuses: founders and investors shaping the future of disruptive technology and ideas and startup experts providing insights to entrepreneurs. We encourage you to watch our video from TechCrunch Disrupt 2018 San Francisco.

Internet of Things Expo aims to bring companies offering the most innovative and game-changing security solutions for AI, Blockchain, IOT and enterprise cyber security. The agenda is directed by a powerful Advisory Board of senior end-users from Dubai Electronic Security Centre, Dubai Police and Smart Dubai. We encourage you to watch our video from IOTX 2018.

We started to measure level of adblock users on our publisher’s web sites. In Poland we have one of the greatest % of adbolck users in Europe. The average is around 38%. We have noticed, that one of our publishers has around 50%, so we decided to do something with that. Publishers generally affraid to communicate with their visitors, however it is the key to success. Problem to solve over 50% of users are using adblock software. Solution Special communication to adblock users. Effects week to week comparison (week before changes, week after change) Page views + 3,8% no change Page views with ads + 39,5% significant eCPM + 28% probably because of retargeted ads to valuable users Total ad revenue + 60,8% great success!    

There is no better way to see the trends of display advertising ecosystem than put it into clear market map. In each country this advertising landscape looks a little bit different. Together with YieldRiser’s team, we have produced market map of Polish online display advertising sector.   Why the map is so important? “Ecosystem maps are a great way to frame a discussion around how an industry is structured and where it is going. Improve Digital has done a great job mapping the European landscape.” – Terence Kawaja, form LUMA Partners said.   We totally agree that every European market has their own character and specifics. Just take a look at the German online advertising market – it gathers a huge number of sales houses, which are taking care of the programmatic and dedicated sales. On the other hand, UK – the most developed European market – makes huge percentage…

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This is our first post on our Company’s Blog. We will give you a lot of advices, best practices, case studies and information about web site monetization and increasing ad revenues. We are going to publish here every week, short or longer comments according to present situation on the market. Hope you enjoy it. YieldRiser Team