How to monetize video-content on the website?

How to monetize video-content on the website?

Video allows to obtain information quickly and vividly, making viewers feel all sorts of different emotions and to meet their entertainment needs. Video in internet is a modern and very effective alternative to television. How to monetize video-content on the website? We prepared the list of 6 main tips.

It’s time for changes!

The Internet provides a modern user with a world of endless opportunities for video-content consumption in any format: movies, cartoons, news, transfers, amateur videos, music videos and more. It is probably a bit early to say that the audience of viewers entirely relocated to the global network, but the preconditions for this are real.

Concerning online market, video continues to gain bigger and bigger share in online advertisement industry.  While the consumers’ preferences are changing, video publishers also need to deal with new challenges. Therefore, in order to maximise video content monetization, we have prepared few tips, as well as video monetization models explanation and the top video monetization platforms to choose from.

Top 6 ways to monetize video content

There are so many ways to monetize video content online that there won’t be enough space to describe them all. However, we will try to group the most common once.

1. Use Analytics

Analysing video performance on different platforms will help both publishers and advertisers to maximise returns and adjust the strategy according to the results and do the most effective decision-making process.

2. Through-Advertising Video Monetization

While video content itself is free, publishers can earn from inserting pre, mid and post-roll messages or ads in short or long-form content.

3. Pay-Per-View Video Monetization

Videos can bring revenue by simply making viewers paying for watching them. This can be done if the video-content is valuable and marketed as a product itself.

The other option is to sell videos physically. That means mostly in form of DVD videos. Notice, the latter option is not effective for every product and industry, but for many of sectors it is still viable.

4. Different Platforms Deliver

The recent studies show that more and more people start using smartphones more. They use it when they go to work, studies, meeting etc. The video view through smartphones is growing as well. Through the last few years the smartphone video view was growing in average for 25% in comparison to the previous years.

So, in order to reach the maximum amount of potential viewers, it is important for publishers to optimise their video delivery for different screen sizes, operating systems and devices.

5. Streamline operations with a comprehensive VOD solution

Even though being present on many different platforms is effective, it can be also very time consuming, which might make all the efforts useless. Therefore, it is good to find a solution, which makes cross-platform video delivery simple and fitting different screens and formats.

6. Sponsorship, Merchandise, Licensing Video Monetisation

There is no right way of monetising video content. All you invent might be helpful, just test it out. When a show has large and loyal audience sponsorships, or product placements, might come handy (when the branded product received the special mention sometime though the video). Another similar idea is through the sale of related merchandise. In any case, giving away free content creates the trust and grows your audience, therefore increases your income.

Another way to monetize your online video-content is through licencing. If your videos are good enough, other companies might want to pay for them instead of creating their own.

Be creative and open-minded

As you can see, video monetization can be both simple and complex. The core idea is to be creative and find new ways of monetising it. However, the recommendation here is to have strategy and to follow it, using tools and optimising your work.

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