How to reach the audience thanks to Matched Content?

How to reach the audience thanks to Matched Content?

Matched content is relatively new feature (it was launched in April this year) of Google AdSense for better interaction with site’s audience. This tool allows you to promote your articles to website visitors. We prepared the list of few major information about matched content. If you are an active on-line ad market player, you will definitely have to check it out. 

Matched content main features

  • search and display of the relevant articles to the public;
  • the ability to delay a user’s stay on your site;
  • attracting visitors to read other articles on the website;
  • Work on mobile devices;
  • Additional monetization of the site (new).

Generally speaking it is a classic module “related articles” feature, which has long been used by almost all bloggers.

Here is how it looks like.



It stands to reason that articles can “force” the user to navigate to other pages of your site. Ultimately, this has a positive effect on behavioral factors, it improves the position of your website in the search engines, increases the loyalty of the audience, and it can even increase your revenue.

Creating the Matched Content

First of all, it should be noted that Adsense Match Content will be available only for sites that meet certain criteria. There is no specific figures can be found, but certainly the volume of traffic and the number of unique pages are important for your website’s assessment.

To check whether your site is eligible for Matched Content you need to go to settings (gear icon in the upper right corner of your Adsense account). There you go to “Account” – “Manage Sites”.



If your site is suitable, you will see a corresponding label in front of the domain.

Matched Content creates a block of similar articles as well as a regular ad Google Adsense. In the “My Ads” click on the button “New ad unit.” In type of ad choose Matched Content.

Adsense Tips advise to set “Custom size” for ads and choose the appropriate ratio for the horizontal or vertical layout options.

Then specify other block settings:

● Ad display in the Matched content;
● Style of the unit;
● Custom channels to track statistics.
After that you insert Adsense code to your website. It takes up to 10 minutes to start the information displayed.

Tips on placement of the Matched Content

● Most often, such unit is added in the end of a text of a article (which is logical). However, it might be a good idea to try the vertical position in the sidebar.
● In order to display images in the unit you need to have unique beautiful illustrations for all posts and pages.
● Developers advise to use meta tags Open Graph.

This tool displays only the content of the site on which it is installed. If you are allowed to place a unit of similar articles in a number of projects, the links between them will not overlap (unlike Google Custom Search, which may be a general search on several sites).

Matched content does not affect the limit of Google Adsense Ads – you’ll also be able to place 3 normal and 3 link units.

You can add the matched content to the site with any CMS, it does not necessarily have to be WordPress. It suits even blog hosting like Tumblr, Blogger, etc.

For those whom it is important to have a follow / nofollow in links – the code is inserted via javascript redirect, so the links do not transfer the weight to the other pages. This is one small difference from different plugins in the CMS, where you can set the parameter for nofollow links.