7 ways to monetize your blog

7 ways to monetize your blog

Blogs become not only place to express opinion, but perfect tool to earn money. Running a blog could be very lucrative, only if you know how to make money blogging. If you don’t, here are the answers!

Make your idea real

Nowadays, almost every other site on the Internet is called a blog. However, in most cases it is not (to put it nicely) entirely correct. But it does not matter: blog, diary, website – whatever name you give – it’s your public Internet resource that allows you to share with other Internet users interesting for you information.

Until recently, it was possible to create a blog only by advanced users who are familiar with programming languages ​​and site building secrets. In the light of growing popularity of blogs, there began to appear new services one after another. They allow a standard user without any special training or knowledge of programming languages to create their own online diary and publish it in the posts (articles, recordings). So now all you need to create your own blog on the web.

How to start?

As soon as people started to realize that blogs are actually a good way of earning money, many people just started to monetize them. Talking about earnings from blogs, there is a simple formula, which we would like to share with you: the amount of income from a blog explicitly depends on the amount of traffic on the site – the more visitors you attract to your site, the more you earn.

Targeted traffic will allow you to earn more, ceteris paribus. For starters, if your blog is about travels, for example, and your readers are also interested in the topic, the sale of, say, airline tickets and hotel reservations will bring much more revenue than advertising the newest machine for the automatic milking of cows.

With rare exceptions, the blog monetization comes in several main areas:

1. Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a first step if you decided to begin earning on the blog. Many bloggers earn from $300 up to $1000 per month. If you do it correctly, in a month you can earn 50-100 dollars ( with a blog attendance of 150-200 a day). Therefore, be sure to try this method.

2. Banner Ads

With this method, there are two options available:

  1. Selling banners using special services.
  1. Selling banners directly.

What’s the Difference? A difference is actually quite significant. For beginners, who is about to come into the sphere of blogging, it is better to use special services to sell banners. The main benefit is that everything is done for you, automatically, so that you do not need any special skills or knowledge.

3. Product reviews

This is quite effective method of earning money on you blog. If you have a good traffic and loyal readership, this method is for you. All you need to do is to write and publish 2-3 product reviews a month charging $100 – $500 per review (depending on your web sit

4. Blog services

This method is good for those, who doesn’t have huge traffic on a web site. The essence of it is the following: you can sell your skills. Whatever you are good at you can sell. It can be writing articles, or creating designs for logos or funnels for websites. Anything you can do, just sell it.

5. Affiliate marketing

You can promote anything from grass-cutters to manicure machines. All you need is just to find an affiliate. You can do this all the time: choose a niche and look for affiliates in it regularly. Every article you write, can be accompanied by affiliate.

6. Selling own products

In this case, you create a page on the Internet to attract as many users as possible and start submitting information that will be devoted to your business. It can be anything, starting from eBooks, finishing with plugins and themes. What you are good at, think how you can sell it.

P.S If you want your blog to be popular, the information should not have obvious promotion, but simply to be useful to the reader, and meanwhile people should be informed that he may also take advantage of a service or purchase any product at a good price.

7. Email List

Despite the growth of friendly community profiles in social media, email remains one of the most productive channels for business communication. Email users are three times bigger audience than registered in Facebook and Twitter combined. Therefore, it seems logical to start monetising this method.

People who are on your list should be interested in the subject and the information you are offering. It is not so easy to find them and make sure that your mailout will be of interest to them.

Additional sources of income on the blog

There is even such an option as donations. If the supplied information will be useful and indispensable for its readers then you can designate your own details on the website. So that visitors can make donations to your resource development or to support your work.

Do you know any other methods to monetize your blog?
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