Is holistic yield a new trend?

Is holistic yield a new trend?

The direction of online advertising development, especially in solutions for large online publishers, is increasingly becoming the cooperation of two, seemingly a little different worlds. It’s about direct sales and Programmatic – a combination of these areas, now is under the holistic yield management banner. What is the trend, and what the benefits of using it?

Holistic yield on DMEXCO 2016

On September, in Cologne took place DMEXCO – one of the largest and most important marketing conference in world. This year, event brought together 1,013 exhibitors and more than 570 speakers. This year edition was also record in terms of number of visitors, which were more than 50.700. YieldRiser – as the startup of the Polish – appeared in hall 6 (in Start Up Village section). However, not the numbers, but marketing trends were the most important, and they were discussed and presented during the two days of the conference. Many of them also concerned in Programmatic area and holistic yield management was particularly accented.

Direct sale hand in hand with Programmatic

Though this concept works in advertising on-line terminology for several years, until today it is mentioning as a trend that could materially affect the current situation on market. Holistic yield recorded a significant growth of interest and it is especially popular among large online publishers. Briefly, holistic yield is a combination of actions in the area of direct sales with header bidding – one of the hottest Programmatic trends from recent years. Worth to recalling that header bidding allows to monetize site by integrating with multiple platforms Programmatic, acting on the basis of auction. The most important benefits are growth of effective CPM and consolidated management of capability of site – partly through Google DFP and other adservers. Centralization brings significant benefits from managing the advertising space.

Holistic yield in practice

Publishers use two primary sources of area sales – direct sales and Programmatic. Until now, using the adserver, they run their campaigns on the basis of priorities. It looked like this – direct X campaign was broadcast on the highest priority, then with lower priority were broadcast RTB systems, and finally, eg. Y campaign. This resolution often resulted that ads comes from RTB with a higher view rate, was not displayed because the campaign X was simply a higher priority or vice versa – was broadcast RTB ads with a lower rate for the view, instead of the campaign Y, which has been given lower priority.
At this point, there is a challenge which holistic yield is measuring. Its mission is to eliminate this problem. In practice, this may look like this – the adserver before broadcast the ads will check which source at this particular time offers the highest rate for view and display ads from this source. This seemingly simple task, generates a lot of benefits for publishers and expedite their work.
Firstly, publisher can devote more time to attain the budget and spend less time on the appropriate advertising configuration. Second, holistic yield eliminate analysis problem – what priority should be given to set a campaign to be cost efficient, this job is making by adserver, which analyzes the rate and displays ads.
As you can see holistic yield can bring publisher real benefits. Saving is a perfect word, which describe this trend, especially if it refer to time, human resources and of course … money.