5 ways to increase fill rate

5 ways to increase fill rate

There are nearly one billion four hundred million websites on the Internet! A big part of them take advantege of advertising to earn money on traffic generate by visitors. For some publisher it is a main source of income and that is the reason they want to earn on every views as efficiently as possible. Fill rate come to succour them.

Fill rate is  level of complementing the page with ads which are displayed every time when user visits the page. These are the advertising that have appeared on the site or just been exposed. Fill rate is meaningful, because as opposed to what the publisher would like, not every advertising inquiries end with display of creation. Specifying bid of fill rates can significantly help publishers determine the use of page supplies.

Superior fill rate means, that the area on the site is efficiently managed, which means higher earnings. How to calculate the fill rate for a particular page? You need to take the total number of ads displayed on the page and divide it by the number of ad requests received. The fill rate obtained in this way will give an overall view of the profitability of the website and where performance should improve.

There are five ways which can help you to maximize fill rate:

  • Choose asvertising network which offer nearly 100% of fill – perfect example are advertising networks, which implement header bidding. Thanks to this rates are more favourable and fill rate can reach 100%.
  • Testing several networks – contact with several networks will allow you to check different rates for displaying advertising on the website.
  • Geo-targeting – in this case, the best solution will be directing advertising to users or visitors from the countries, which have the highest demand. In this case, you should search and make contact with the advertising network from the country, from which the most traffic on the website comes.
  • Flexible ad sizes – placing a universal size in the ad placement will allow you to achieve a higher fill rate for individual places. The largest paid ad size is one that allows you to display creatives in a specific place. This could makes website more competitive and beneficial for the advertiser.
  • Blocking ads – most of users install various types of browser extension to block intrusive ads, even though the publisher abide the rules. Fortunately, there are solutions that help advertisers break through adblocks and let them display the ads.

At this time some publishers are struggling with increase fill rate. The above-mentioned tips can certainly help to improve this process. After all, working on the fill rate may be too time-consuming and complicated. The best solution is to ask specialists who will certainly animate fill rate and will guarantee the expected profits for the publishers.

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