How to increase revenue from the website?

How to increase revenue from the website?

Web content publishers are struggling with an increasing number of restrictions that significantly affect ad revenue. Numerous and new challenges are related to entry into force of Coalition for Better Ads, GDPR, the dynamism of mobile ads and the balanced media buying. The following article based on the experience of working with publishers presents 5 steps, thanks to which the website gets a higher monetization rate.

  1. Analysis of placement

In order to maximize ad revenue, publisher must carry out an analysis on the placement, effectively measuring the value of each and every ad unit. Based on these results, one can create a new template, and then test and change sizes and types of ad spaces. This allows better selection of advertising content on the website.

  1. Engaging content

Valuable and eye-catching content has never been as significant as it’s now. Thanks to the programmatic model tools, advertisers can measure return on investment like never before. It enables analyze the data and rates for the most engaged users. In the end Internet Users visit websites searching for content, including articles, pictures or films. If involvement of visitor’s is high, so do level of attention is. It should be borne in mind, that attracting their attention is crucial, so more and more publishers are investing most of their resources in content.

  1. Daily analysis and management

To maximize ad revenue, publishers need to organize the advertising data and keep it optimized. When the data is transparent, publishers should recognize advertising potential of analyzed data and take appropriate action. It may include modification of emission rules, adjustment of priority CPM values in SSP systems or simply contacting appropriate networks.

  1. Network selection and active cooperation

Every week, most of publishers receive many advertising networks offers, paid widgets or tools for earning money, without a clear recommendation on which one should be tried out. It’s extremely important to choose partners wisely based on specific facts. You should compare the offers of all networks and start negotiations to get the best conditions. The most important is an active and friendly relationship management.

  1. Balanced income

Although the publishers are active in SEO, not everyone will find a space on the first page in the search results, what is caused by the limited space. Last year has shown that that Facebook’s social network traffic is also limited due to low and decreasing organic coverage. In order to keep a website up and constantly growing, publishers must pay for it. Some of them use advanced measurements and tracking to balance costs and traffic revenues. This way, the website can get high rate of visitors without losing profits.

Challenges associated with sale of the space in the programmatic model require a lot of work every day, as well as specific technological solutions and qualified employees. If the monetization is carried out in a proper manner, the ad revenues can increase significantly, often even twice. However, publishers need to focus the attention on their sites. The above steps are just a few tips, that are worth considering in order to attract advertisers.


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