Top 8 ad servers for publishers – choose the best!

Top 8 ad servers for publishers – choose the best!

It’s all about the money. We want to have more effective ad campaigns, more website traffic and control but also more engagement users to make more money from our website. The good news is that there are a plenty of tools that can help us to achieve all of these goals. Just take a look at the top 8 ad servers for publishers which can move your website on the pretty new level.

1. DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP)


It’s a great tool for both – SMEs and large Publishers. DFP has some of the very helpful and good features. It’s also integrated with Google advertising operations very well (for obviouse reason). DoubleClick offers publishers a complete ad revenue engine, helping publishers streamline operations and capture the most value for every impression. It can be automaticly integrated with Google Adexchange, so it will fill each adinventory with pretty good rates.

More about it:

2. AdForm


Adform is from Denmark, but currenty is growing international. They offer full ecosystem for publishers and for advertisers as well. AdForm has DSP, DMP and SSP solution. They have very good mobile and rich media formats, easy to implement and very attractive for advertisers. They also offer attractive revenue share rates for their partners. With stron support for Publishers and Advertisers they can be very good alternative for big players.




Smart AdServer technology enables publishers to maximize yield in both premium and programmatic without spending on third party vendors. Smart AdServer puts publishers back in control thanks to integrating functionality that enables auctions, forecasting, and custom ad units – including mobile and video.

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4. AdTech


Let’s start from a pinch of history. Adtech was founded in 1998 in Frankfurt, Germany and in 2000, CMGI – the American Internet holding company – acquired a controlling interest on it. Adtech is definitely for large publishers. Main advantage for using this server is media management features as a additional value for ad server technology. In practice, it means that you can provide your visitors with video advertising in a cross-platform environment. And that is great!


5. BBelements


It is a brand of iBILLBOARD company. This platform has a fully customized sales module and guarenttes efficient eCPM optimization and advanced retargeting. They have definitly one of the most attractive rates for adserving, but their SSP solution takes pretty much %.

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6. OpenX


OpenX platform is a great solution, especially if you are looking for highly functional platform. Another important thing is that OpenX users have a chance to take a part with real-time auction of advertising spaces on the top publisher’s website. The platform is recommended for all of the companies, no matter of its sizes. You can also try it for free. More:

7. Atlas


Another one pinch of history. As you probably know, DFP was owned by Google some time ago – the story of Atlas Solution was connected with other business giant – Facebook. So now, Atlas Solutions is a part of the Facebook advertising platform. This tool is equipped in various features eg advanced statistics, demographic customer targeting and cross-device advertising.

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8. ePOM


Next great tool that needs to be presented is ePOM ad server. As we can read at, ePOM is an all-in-one ad serving solution, exclusively developed to meet the needs of advertisers, publishers, and ad networks. In practice, you can use some of the very interesting features such as mass uploads, campaign (export/ import) and extensive targeting. More about it:


The choice is yours.


We can help you to choose the best adserving solution, according to your current situation and expectations.

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