Uncommon advertising formats

Uncommon advertising formats

Online advertising has become an inseparable part of all marketing budgets of companies around the world. No wonder. There are over 3.5 billion active Internet users. How to reach them with advertising message?

Due to the lack of any rules on which publishers should apply, the Internet user is bombarded with dozens of ads. According to a survey conducted by comScore, monthly user receives about 1,707 ads. Often these are invasive ads, that irritate more instead attracting attention.

In many cases traditional or standard ad formats are ineffective. Users do not show any interaction, so they are increasingly installing extensions that completely block display ads. The indifference of Internet users translates into lower wage for publishers. With the advancement of technology, professionals began defining display advertising again. Of course there are still many invasive and spam ads that are hard to shut down, but there are also effective formats. Here are a few of them:

  • Skin ad – a format popularly known as wallpaper. This is an ad that is probably least invasive of all because it covers the entire background of the user’s screen. This way, the format without any barriers enables user to page through content.
  • Native ad – probably the oldest format on this list. Basically it is a paid format that is organic and naturally mixed in content of the page and makes it look as if it were part of editorial content. It is worth mentioning that native ads have a better buy ratio – almost 18% – than banner ads.
  • InText / InLine – these are contextual ads placed in the content presented on the page. Typically they are in the form of underlined word or display widow. This formats are hard to implement as well as later remove from the site. Publishers who decide for this type of format stay with it for a long time.
  • InRead – this format refers to a video which today is considered one of the most powerful advertising formats. This video is embedded within the content of site. When user reaches a certain spot on a web page, the movie starts automatically. On the other hand, when it starts looking for further content, the ad disappears.

Non-standard ad formats are good source of revenue, but only if they are tailored to the page and its audience. In the next post we will introduce few more formats that can contribute to the increase revenues of your site.