Ways to fight with adblocks

Ways to fight with adblocks

Blocking advertisements by Internet users is still a problem that strikes advertising industry. The biggest losses are recorded by publishers who earn money from displaying ads and content. However, there are ways to save income.

It is estimated that ad blocking reduces publishers revenue from 3 to 20 percent, depending on the country. According to the OnAudience.com report, in Poland in 2017, various types of plug-ins browser blocked 44% of displayed ads.

This is happen because some publishers use intrusive advertising formats that only increase users reluctance. Many questions regarding to creation are solved by the Better Ads initiative, which set new standards for advertising formats. In addition, there are several strategies by which publishers can regain users trust. They are not universal and need to be checked on a particular website.

  • The first step is to convince visitors to give up adblocks. It should be explained in a nice and transparent way that advertising profits are partially related to website support, thanks to which it is free to use. If users do not want to opt out of the ad blocking plugin, all they need to do is add the site to the whitelist.
  • If users do not follow the first proposal, you have to take it more seriously. All persons who are still blocking advertisements should completely block access to content of the site. Although this option may be difficult to implement and reduce traffic to the site, in the case of unique content it seems to be a necessity.
  • Some companies specializing in ad blocking offer publishers an alternative solution to the adblock problem, namely the handling fee. All you need to do is pay a certain amount and your ads will be displayed again. The vast majority of publishers are skeptical about this and do not decide to try it.
  • Change of attitude – from year to year, thought of publishers changes and they start to care of well-being of users. Instead of looking for a way to circumvent the blocking of ads, they begin to use friendly formats and select the displayed content.
  • When so many users block commercials, ad networks introduce new services based on anti-adblock policy. Thanks to a well-thought-out strategy and advanced configuration, new campaigns are responsive and non-invasive, and above all meet the standards of the Better Ads coalition. Publishers who work with proven and professional networks can count on an increase of revenues from 5% to even 15%.

Blocking ads spends the dream of almost entire advertising industry. If publisher is not sure whether this also applies to his site, there are networks that offer effective support in solving this problem. Advanced tools allow to calculate losses generated by adblocks. In times of digitization, this is a problem that should not be underestimated.

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