Artificial intelligence – revolution for the advertising world

Artificial intelligence – revolution for the advertising world

Artificial intelligence is a subject of articles written by the marketing industry. It is being talked about more and more often in the context of the market revolution. What is really meant by this concept? How will AI affect programmatic?

What does AI give us?

Artificial intelligence is a general term used to describe the ability of machines to perform specific tasks. AI collects all data, including those that are not structured and draws useful conclusions from them quickly. This allows marketers to make the right decisions faster.  Artificial intelligence can also define which resources we should use for communication and which channel we should choose. Thanks to this, we are able to receive personalized ads not only on the basis of interests but also based on the mood or context of the shopping environment.

How we use it today?

Market uses AI in the media buying proces. AI makes possible to estimate the probability that consumer will react to the given advertisement. This in turn helps in the bidding process. AI can be also used to create user search models to improve the proces of targeting ads.

IBM as one of the oldest IT companies in the world has long testing history of the connection of AI with advertising ecosystem. By combining their “Waston Advertising” ecosystem with artificial intelligence, they can use data such as weather from Internet devices and also get a deeper contextual analysis of a given website. As a result, they make better decisions in the bidding process.

How we will use it in the future?

Artificial intelligence is evolving by providing us with more and more innovative solutions – from tools to frameworks. Technology becomes more scaled, which allow us to meet the long-awaited promise of “the right user, message, time and place.” This is extremely important for the entire industry, including the programmatic model, which will be able to predict who and how should involve in bidding proces.

Having knowledge in what mood the client is, the marketer will know if a given person makes a purchase decision at a given moment – this is the key information in a situation where we do not know how much to pay for the advertisement. It’s all thanks to artificial intelligence, which will give us all these possibilities in the coming years.

W tym momencie warto obalić mit, który mówi że sztuczna inteligencja zastąpi człowieka. Nic bardziej mylnego – jej celem jest otworzenie szerokiego spectrum możliwości specjalistom, którzy będą mogli w najlepszy sposób wykonywać strategiczne zadania. Nie pozostaje nic innego jak bacznie obserwować rozwój jej możliwości i czerpać jak najwięcej z tego potencjału.

To resume – artificial intelligence open up a wide spectrum of opportunities to specialists who thanks for that will be able to perform strategic tasks in the best way. There is nothing else to closely observe the development of its capabilities and get the most out of this potential.

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