What is banner blidness?

What is banner blidness?

Some experts say that the term of banner blidness is outdated. However internet users more and more often leave out informations that they perceive only as advertising. Although advertisement benchmarks have changed, banner blidness is still common. How to fight it effectively?

Click „skip”

We are living in the time where online advertisements are more popular than ever. We have the biggest internes user and advertisement percentage than ever. Over time, the recepients become tired because of a lot of online advertisements and have started to ignore them. Probably not many Internet users can admit that they never omitted advertising or installed adblock. It does not means that everybody who will 677u and is not interested in. Quite the opposite – in the case of an attempt to reach the target group, it is enough to remember a few important principles that increase the chances that we will not be missed this time.

Suitable Localization

Suitable banner localization on the website is a key issue to effectively ensure visibility. According to a survey carried out by Infolinks, 156% more visitors saw ads that were at the top of the page than at the bottom. Also, website traffic tracking results confirm that the vast majority of Internet users are attracted to what is at the very beginning.

Unconventional project

First banners ads appeared in browsers in the 90s, and their CTR was 44%. Why CTR was so high? Experts are agree that it was a reaction for something new, something which internet users have not seen before. More than 20 years have passed since then, so it’s impossible for users to become accustomed to advertising.

Where the target group is  

According to Infolinks research, only 2. 8% of viewers believe that the advertisements appearing on a given website are consistent with its subject matter. In short, nobody clicks on a banner that they don’t care about. Therefore, if you are selling tools that help graphic designers in their everyday work, direct your message to the pages devoted to this subject. Use location services to know which pages people with a particular profile are entering, corresponding to your target group. In the era when we have at our disposal many tools that characterize the profiles and behavior of Internet users, using this knowledge we must follow them.

Get your audience attention

We know how important is the location and apperance of advertisement. Nevertheless when we create the banner project we have to check which part the recepient will pay particular attention. Banner blindness is also often due to the fact that it has been poorly designed. Research conducted by Nielsen shows that users do not remember banners that resemble advertisements, even if they are not.

Good wise for eliminating the risk of skipping is the use of tools that will examine, among other things, where the eyes of the Internet user first migrate – for example, with the help of Eyetrack. In order to avoid the phenomenon of banner blidness, you should place the message in the right place and take care of its high graphic and substantive level. Content marketing is important here, as it allows us to create unique and engaging content that increases the likelihood that a website visitor will stop looking at our banner. It’s also important to know who you are when you visit a particular website in order to tailor the message to your expectations. This can be helped by new technologies that allow us to study the preferences of Internet users in detail.

Jakub Szczęsny – CTO YieldRiser


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